Tomahawk Hunt Club

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Established in 2004, we are building a club that will last for years to come. The intent is for it to be here for our children and grandchildren to hunt with us as they grow up.

The property is located approximately 10 miles from Tennille / Sandersville in Washington County Georgia. Private Land / year-round lease. We have 1000 acres of private owner land.

Washington County is a Southern Zone county in the Georgia Deer hunting regulations. We enjoy a longer deer season than our Northern Zone brethren.

Secluded / Primitive Camping. Gated entrance roads. Campers are allowed to stay on the property year-round and we have never had a problem doing so.

Good populations of Deer, Hogs, Turkey and a few Ducks. Mixed Habitat, some planted pines, Hardwoods, several creek bottoms, swamps, at least 3 beaver ponds and a +/- 70 acre clear-cut. Most every acre of this club is “hunt-able”. Lots of room for everybody.

State regulations, common-sense club rules. A copy of the rules via email is available upon request, or they can be downloaded via the link on the left of page.

 This is a hunt club not a party club.



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